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Paddler is the hub that connects us in our love of the sport. This is the place to find inspiration, information and opportunities. 


New Zealand is a proud sea-faring nation. In Māori tradition, a great fish was pulled from the ocean by the demigod Maui, with his magic fish-hook. ‘Te Waka a Maui’ (Maui’s Canoe) is New Zealand’s South Island, and ‘Te Ika a Maui’ (Maui’s Fish) became the North Island. Word spread of a new land, and our ancestors travelled vast distances seeking-out Aotearoa – ‘The land of the long white cloud’.

Waka and sailing vessels are part of our heritage. Our oceans, rivers and lakes are integral to our Kiwi identity. From the great Polynesian navigators such as Kupe and Toi, to Te Rehutai, the foiling America’s Cup winner. Today’s Kiwi heroes include some of the worlds greatest paddlers, such as Ben Fouhy, Luuka Jones and Lisa Carrington.

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