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the hub for paddlers



INSPIRATION. Information. Opportunities.

Paddler is a collection of resources, events and news to inspire and inform paddlers of all abilities. 
New Zealand has always been a proud sea-faring nation. Waka and sailing vessels are part of our heritage. Our ancestors travelled vast distances seeking Aotearoa, which itself rose from the sea. In Māori folklore, a great fish was pulled from the ocean by Maui. ‘Te Waka a Maui’ (Maui’s Canoe) became the South Island and ‘Te Ika a Maui’ (Maui’s Fish) became the North Island. Today, New Zealand boasts some of the world's greatest paddlers and some of the best places on Earth to go paddling. 

Whether you want to be the next paddling hero, or just get more out of your paddling, Paddler is for you.

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The Heroes Project

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