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What is a slalom Kayak? 


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A slalom kayak is designed for a combination of speed and manoeuvrability on whitewater. It's the boat of choice for slalom racing, an event featuring gates positioned over a whitewater rapid to create a race course. It can be thought of as an obstacle course in a river, creating technically difficult moves down the rapids.

They're great kayaks to gain skills in as they reward good technique. A beginner could use slalom kayaking to develop general whitewater ability, or focus on the competitive side. Canoe slalom is a worldwide sport, with talented athletes and a pinnacle at the olympics.


What are slalom kayaks made from?


Slalom kayaks (and canoes) are made from carbon fibre, or carbon-kevlar. Some beginner boats may be plastic, as this is more durable. The use of high end composites and design optimises the boats racing characteristics.


How stable are slalom kayaks? 

Due to their wider body, slalom kayaks are relatively stable. Their flat hull lets them turn and pivot easily, giving them very different traits to sprint and multisport boats. Their length and lightweight materials mean they are still quick relative to whitewater focussed kayaks however.

what's the difference between a slalom kayak and a slalom canoe?

Slalom Kayak

In a slalom kayak (K1) the paddler is seated, and uses a paddle that has two blades.


Slalom Canoe

In a slalom canoe, the paddler is kneeling, and uses a single bladed paddle. Slalom canoes are most commonly designed for a single paddler (C1), however double canoes (C2) are also paddled and raced.

What's a good slalom kayak for my stage of paddling?

Slalom is a highly technical sport. For a beginner, simply having a kayak (or canoe) to learn in is the most important thing. Any modern shaped boat in good condition will be suitable.

As a paddler progresses, they will want to ensure their kayak (or canoe) is perfectly suited to their weight, height, paddling style, and is up to date with the latest design innovations.


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