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Darcy Price NZ Ocean Surfski Series

The Darcy Price NZ Ocean Surfski Series is the national ocean racing series comprising of the premier surfski races around Aotearoa. 

The Darcy Price series is made up of 7 events each summer, one of which will also double as the NZ Ocean Racing National Championships. A paddler’s best 4 races will count towards the series results, with a prize-giving at the final event. 
These events will also contribute to the selection criteria for the ICF Ocean Surfski Worlds teams.


With this series we hope to:

1. Promote the sport and grow the paddling community.
2. Encourage paddlers to compete, challenge themselves and experience these fantastic events.
3. Provide a pathway for paddlers to compete in international surfski events.


Races & Dates for 2021/22 season


*doubles as 2022 NZ Ocean Racing National Championships

Darcy Price Series and Points

A competitor’s series points will be the total of their best 4 race points. The male and female paddler with the most points at the end of the series will be the Darcy Price NZ Ocean Racing Series Champion for that season.


All races are to be worth 300 points, except the race designated as the National Championships. This will be worth 400 points.

All Races (except National Championships):


1st: 300 points

2nd: 290 points

3rd: 281 points 

4th: 273 points

5th: 266 points

6th: 260 points

7th: 255 points

8th: 251 points

9th: 248 points

10th: 246 points

11th onwards – one point gap between placings 245,
244, 245 etc

In the event of total series points being equal following the conclusion of the series, the NZ Ocean Racing Nationals Championships will be the deciding race.

International competitors are eligible for Darcy Price series points.


Age groups/divisions


All races in the series will follow the following age categories (with both male and female divisions):

  • Junior Ski (18yrs and under)

  • Under 23 Ski (19 to 23yrs)

  • Open Ski (Open! Includes all age categories)

  • Over 40 Ski (40-49yrs)

  • Over 50 Ski (50-59yrs)

  • Over 60 Ski (60+yrs)

  • Double Ski Open (no age groups)


There's no need to decide what age group you want to race- it's calculated automatically based on your date of birth (and your age at 31 December of the year of the race). Everyone is eligible for Open rankings in addition to their age group. 


For the purpose of the Darcy Price Series scoring, competitors' age groups are calculated based on the age they are turning in the year of the last race of the series. For example, for the 2021-2022 series, competitors' age groups will be determined as at 31/12/22.


Past Darcy Price Series winners:


Male: Ben Keys

Female: Rachel Clarke


Male: Ben Keys

Female: Danika Mowlem


About Darcy Price

The series has been named after Darcy Price, who sadly passed away in 2018.  Darcy was one of the driving forces behind ski paddling in New Zealand, founding the King and Queen of the Harbour and the Takapuna Beach Series surfski races.  He was also an accomplished anaesthetist and was well known in medical circles for his practice and research. Most of all, he was a fantastic guy and enthusiastic paddling companion, many of us have fond memories of surfski adventures shared with Darcy.  We feel that this is a fitting tribute to Darcy and that he would have loved the idea of promoting surfski paddling again in New Zealand, giving more people the opportunity to enjoy this great sport in some beautiful parts of the country

National Championship race:

1st: 400 points

2nd: 380 points

3rd: 362 points

4th: 346 points

5th: 332 points

6th: 320 points

7th: 310 points

8th: 302 points

9th: 296 points

10th: 292 points

11th: 290 points

12th onwards – one point gap between placings 289, 288, 287 etc