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Back to School- Kayaking Events for Students in 2024

With most schools back in session, we thought it was timely to share some exciting school paddling events scheduled in 2024 for our tamariki and rangatahi. Whether you are a kayaker already, or keen to try it out and represent your school, these events are for you!

2024 NZ Secondary School Canoe Racing National Championships

20-22 March- Lake Tikitapu, Rotorua

This is a new event in 2024 and will be proudly run in conjunction with the Waka Ama Secondary School Nationals – a unique collaboration between the two sports.

Racing will include single person kayaks in 250m sprints and distance events (between 1.5-2.5km depending on age groups) as well as 4x100m school team relay races. 

Age group divisions will be 14 years & under, 16 years & under, 18 years & under, and will also include para-canoe for disabled paddlers. 

CRNZ is providing race craft and equipment across all age groups. 

There will also be Try Kayaking and practice sessions in the craft available throughout the week, so this is a great opportunity for non-kayakers to get out and try a new sport.

This inclusive and paddler-focused event will allow secondary school students Year 9 and above to represent their school, participate and compete for national secondary school titles and enjoy their sport alongside their peers. 

Entries close 27 February.

Canoe Racing at 2024 Zespri Aims Games

Tuesday 10th September- Pilot Bay, Mt Maunganui

Canoe Sport at the 2024 Zespri Aims Games is made up of two separate events- Canoe Slalom and Canoe Racing (flatwater/ocean paddling). There is one entry fee which allows for participation at both the Canoe Slalom and Canoe Racing events, although paddlers can choose to only compete in one or the other if they prefer.

The Canoe Racing event is on Tuesday 10th September and utilizes the CRNZ Kahawai format, which designed to be an enjoyable, engaging entry into paddling competition and to build bridges between flatwater/sprint, ocean, surf and river paddling. It includes both individual and team events, for year 7 and 8 boys and girls, raced off the beach at the stunning Pilot Bay in Mt Maunganui, Tauranga. This is a disability inclusive event.

This is a fun-focused, development event so perfect for young paddlers who are new to the sport or as a first event.

Don't let the textbooks dampen your paddling spirit! talk to your teachers about representing your school at these kayaking events in 2024.



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