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ROtoRUA 2024


Kahawai is heading to Rotorua!

Kahawai Rotorua 2024  a Canoe Racing NZ event designed to develop the next generation of paddlers – will be held on Saturday 28th September on the shores of the spectacular Lake Okaraka, in conjunction with the Paddler Winter series finale.

This event is open to all paddlers (including adults) and is suitable for paddlers of all levels and from any paddling discipline (sprint, surf, ocean, slalom or multisport).

Surfski-style (open top) kayak, paddles and PFDs will be provided by organisers. 

This is a disability inclusive event. Where necessary we are able to make modifications to equipment or provide support paddlers to cater for individual needs of participants living with disabilities.


Event Fee: $20 per paddler or $10 for paddlers who also compete in the Kayak Krazy series race.

Enter online using the registration form below.

Entries close Thursday 28th September at 12pm. 

If you have any questions, contact Danika Mowlem, Event organiser

The final race in the Paddler winter series for 2024 which also doubles will be held at Lake Okareka in the morning, so make a day of it with two awesome paddling events! More about the KK series finale

event format

Event format will be the Kahawai Paddler X, where heats of 6 paddlers race from a start line on the beach (in shallow water), around one or more buoys and back to a finish line adjacent to the start. Races aim to take 2-4 minutes and every paddler will compete in several races as they progress from heats through to division finals

Participants will be separated into age groups as follows:

  • Under 12 girls, Under 12 boys

  • Under 14 girls, Under 14 boys

  • Under 16 girls, Under 16 boys

  • Under 18 girls, Under 18 boys

This is based on age at the 1st January of the year of the event.

For example: if you were 11years on 1st Jan 2023, then you are U12 age group, even if you are 12 on event day. If you were 12 years on 1st Jan 2023, then you are in the U14 age group.


dler DEETS

Please take the time to fill out the information below

Select your identified gender

event Schedule

1-1.30pm Paddler registration at Boyes Beach, Lake Okareka
1.30pm Paddler Briefing 
2pm Racing begins


Prizegiving to follow as soon as possible after racing is completed. We anticipate the event being wrapped up by 4.30pm at the latest, but does depend on total entry numbers.


Boats will be available for use if any paddlers want to practice in the boats, prior to racing.

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