Paddling is a wicked sport and activity but the environment and nature presents some significant risk elements that paddlers need to consider to ensure every paddling session is as safe as possible.


Making smart decisions when going paddling, having suitable equipment and clothing and knowing what to do if it does go wrong are all vital factors to make sure you get home safe. Here are a few tips to make sure you are PaddleSafe.

Remounting your craft

It is important for all paddlers to have a rock-solid remount and be able to remount in all conditions quickly and effectively.

You do not want to have to require 3, 4, 5... attempts to get back on your craft. This drains energy and makes it even harder.

There are a few different remount techniques, and the best one is the one that you can do. This is our recommended technique- remember “Thumbs in, Bums in”.

remount 1_edited.jpg

1. Place one hand on either side of your ski, with your thumbs inside the cockpit, holding your paddle with your far hand along the length of the ski so it is out of the way.

remount 2.png

2. Lift/kick yourself up so your torso is lying across the ski. You can have a rest here if required.

remount 3.png

3. Rotate your hips around to get your bum in the seat.

remount 4.png

4. Flick your leg over the other side so you are straddling the ski. Having your feet out will provide balance, while you get your paddle back into position and regain your composure.

remount 5.png

5. When you are ready, bring your legs back into the boat and off you go!