1000m Board Race

  • Male & Female categories

  • Junior and Open age groups

1000m Ski Race

  • Male & Female categories

  • Junior and Open age groups

1000m Surf Boat/Surf Canoe Race

  • Male & Female categories (mixed crews can enter the Male category)

  • Junior and Open age groups

An overall ‘Club’ leader board will be determined on aggregates across the three events. The best 10 scores from each club (across all categories) count towards the club total. 



Once you've completed your event, please take the time to fill out the information below (if you're racing in a team boat there's space for that at the end).

REMEMBER: You must start and finish your effort in the same spot - ie an out-and-back course!

The Rules

  • All participants and crews must complete a 1000m course

  • There are two age groups - Junior and Open, both with Male and Female categories.

  • Three events- ski, board and boat/canoe.

  • Start your attempt in the water - either in your craft or standing beside it.

  • The challenge is open to anyone in the world. Kiwi members are eligible for points toward the overall club leaderboard.

  • Enter after you have completed your race by filling in our online form, noting your time and uploading a .gpx file of your paddle, and/or a photo of your gps track showing your time and distance.

  • You can attempt the challenge and record your time as many times as you like, but only your best result in each discipline counts.

  • You must start and finish at (approximately) the same point – this is to minimise the effect of wind, waves and current. 

  • Do not pause your watch/phone’s GPS recording during your attempt – the challenge is to complete your distance in a single effort.

  • You can paddle alone or in a group and wash-riding is permitted.

  • Courses can be completed in any surf conditions. Just stay safe!

  • If your location is subject to any Covid-19 restrictions, you must follow any applicable social distancing rules.

  • Craft is limited to below with maximum specs listed as appropriate:

    • Surfski 18’’ spec surf ski, 18kg minimum.-        

    • 10’6’’ Board

    • Surf Boat or Surf Canoe

  • It's an honesty system, so please respect everyone who's getting out there by following the rules and honouring the spirit of the event!


To enter and be counted on our leaderboard, you must certify that you have followed all of the following safety precautions, including:

  • Any Covid-19 restrictions in force in the place where you are paddling.

  • Carrying a phone or other means of communication, OR be observed for your whole run by a lifeguard on the beach.

  • Telling somebody where you are going and what time you plan to return.

  • Checking the forecast and not paddling in conditions that you aren’t comfortable in.

  • If you’re under 18, you must be supervised by an adult.